Candy Racks

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What is a candy rack display?

Retail merchandising displays allow retailers to sell candy snack products to customers.  Increases profits for stores.  LED lights and Displays create Impulse Sales..

It can be used for snacks, candy, chewing gum, bakery, all types. In general, a candy rack can be used for any kind of everyday consumer good. The main task of such shelves is to interest the buyer and encourage him to take the goods. 

But nevertheless, you can use them as home theater snack displays as well.

What are the advantages of candy racks?

The main benefit is to drive sales. Increase sales by merchandising in customer friendly environment and increase impulse sales. Adding more shelves for sweets and snacks will definitely make the average check size bigger. Especially if you place them near the cash registers, where people tend to reach for items they didn’t intend to buy while waiting in line. This is how merchandise works.

Candy display shelves are made in a special way that meets four conditions:

  1. To present the product in a favorable light, causing a desire to take it
  2. The buyer can easily take the goods
  3. The seller can easily replenish the shelf, as you can immediately see when the goods are over
  4. Quality heavy duty to last in the Retail Environment.  All types to meet different needs.  Customize to store needs.

What retail display & fixtures like or other than candy racks do we offer?

We have a wide range of candy displays, from small countertop candy display racks to large ones. Locking security displays – Floor stand and in-line options are available.

Most of our store fixtures are made of metal wire and acrylic, and they come in various sizes, from full-sized free-standing floor shelving to custom shelving that sits on top of other shop units. 

Our candy displays can be put together to make a whole wall or freestanding to accommodate store planograms.  goods, or they can be put together separately to make a store rack that stands on its own. Position at checkout.  Move to where it will sell best.

Racks in the rack have many slots, which allow you to adjust the height of the shelves, the distance between each other, and their number on the rack.  Some displays include a peg bar to support pegable items. 

The versatility of our peg bars in candy racks

Peg bars play a pivotal role in maximizing the potential of candy-snack racks, offering unparalleled versatility and organization. The adjustable pegs of these bars enable effortless customization of shelf height, spacing, and quantity.

This flexibility accommodates various packaging sizes and shapes that easy to maintain and organize. Additionally, the durability of AMC’s peg bars ensures their longevity in the demanding retail environment.
With the aid of peg bars, retailers can create captivating displays from small countertops to large floor stands, candy-snack racks with peg bars cater to diverse needs.

LED light for better customer experience

We also offer stock kits to illuminate shelves at retail.  Illuminated shelves for better product highlighting using LED candy aisle displays. LED candy racks are the best solution for convenience stores.  Under shelf Magnetic LED Kit quickly, easily lights up existing store shelves.  Wires magnetic attachments for neat quick set-up.  Custom kits available.  

You can use our pastry racks for the bakery and candy racks for snacks, candies, gum, or other goods of similar sizes.

Where and how AMC snacks and candy racks can be delivered?

We ship our candy racks all over the United States. Depending on the qty and item size/weight, we will determine the best method for shipping.

Some items have set shipping costs indicated for US shipments of specific quantities. We will accommodate customer needs  

Ready-made candy display racks

We sell ready-made, easy-to-assemble, and popular candy rack sets. 

They have stood the test of time and are always improving to help customers more. 

Our racks are of different sizes and colors, and there are a number of candy shelves.

Low profile candy racks for under counter at checkout of any other low height space to sell products, impulse.

Custom store solutions 

Do you have an idea for your personal rack shelving? Do you have special needs that standard shelving can’t meet?

We will help you solve your questions. From scratch to the finished product, our team will help to design, draw your idea, make a design, calculate all the parameters, think over the buyer’s interaction, and create something that was not there before.

Contact us, and we will help you!