Wire Display Racks

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Wire display racks offer a wide range of versatility and practicality for retailers. Made from strong wire mesh, they are lightweight, spacious and convenient to use. They are suitable for displaying a wide range of products such as groceries, snacks, vitamins, books and postcards. With their design, they can be used to create a unique space for your goods and are easily expandable with additional shelves. AMC wire displays come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, allowing you to customize your store.

What is a wire display rack?

Wire display rack is a metal display rack that is made of special wire mesh, which makes the rack light, roomy and convenient.

The wire rack is one of the most versatile and practical retail solutions.

What benefits of a wire display rack?

Wire display racks are suitable for implementing a large assortment of grocery goods, snacks, buffaloes, vitamins, backbone, books, postcards, etc.

It is easy to care for them. They are durable. Their design is suitable for any interior.

Thanks to such racks, you can easily make zoning in the store since wire racks can be used to build long walls to accommodate goods.

If necessary, such racks are easily expanded by adding new shelves.

AMC wire display racks

Our wire shelving displays come in different types and sizes. However, the most common colors to use are black and tan.

They can be used as stand-alone units for placing goods and prefabricated kits that allow you to set up an entire wall from single shelves.

Our shelving comes in a variety of widths, 3FT, 4Ft & heights, 2,3,4,5 feet… feet wide. There are also separate shelves for building up ready-made display racks and for mounting on walls.

Additional wire shelving displays

AMC makes shelving units specially designed to be attached to other shelving units, thus increasing the space for placing goods in the store and not biting off the aisle space.

We also have wire displays that can be placed on the side of the shelving. Examples are small wire displays for booklets, books, and brochures.

You can attach them to refrigerators, coolers, racks, walls, etc.

Wire shelves for cash registers

The hit of sales is wire shelves for cash registers. These are small wire shelves to increase sales through spontaneous purchases. They are ideal for selling merchandise such as candy, gum, snacks, chocolate bars, etc.

Additional small wire shelves

Such wire shelves can be suitable for ready-made gondolas that have holes for additional shelves or special walls where such shelves can be placed.

Custom wire shelves

The wire is a suitable material to work with. Many different configurations can be made. For example, we have a shelf in the form of a snake, there is a rack with shelves of different levels, and there is a unique mini-wire rack for beer.

Such shelves are not only places for placing goods, but they also advertise the goods in the best light.

Where can a wire display be used?

Wire racks can be helpful everywhere without exception. They are suitable for retailing products in a store, supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, and a canteen at a fair. In fact, they have no restrictions. Therefore, they are suitable for all types of retail.

We have been on the market for a long time and have developed the most commonly used time-tested standards for wire shelves, but if you have any special request we can also fulfill, you can contact us here.