Power Wing / Sidekick

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Explore the untapped potential of retail space utilization with our dynamic Power Wing/Sidekick displays at Applied Merchandising Concepts. Crafted with versatility in mind, these solutions are perfect for diverse retail applications like Over The Cooler Display Grid or tailor-made for specific product lines such as lip care.

A Closer Look at Power Wing / Sidekick Displays:

Often seen at the end of aisles or attached to existing fixtures, Power Wing/Sidekick displays offer an exciting opportunity to feature additional products.

They seamlessly integrate into your retail layout, promoting eye-catching items without monopolizing valuable shelf real estate.

Advantages of our products:

Sales Booster: Power Wing/Sidekick displays are known to drive impulse buys by showcasing promotional or additional items, thereby contributing to increased sales.

Efficient Space Use: Capitalize on otherwise underused retail areas with these ingenious displays, extending your merchandising potential without infringing on floor space.

Spotlight on Products: These displays excel at highlighting seasonal, new, or high-profit-margin products, drawing customers’ attention where it matters.

Adaptable: With their ability to cater to a variety of products and environments, these displays prove to be a flexible retail asset.

Guidelines for Effective Power Wing / Sidekick Displays:

Product Choice: Leverage these displays to draw attention to high-profit-margin items, special promotions, or recent additions.

Positioning: Place these displays in areas of high customer footfall for optimum visibility.

Maintenance: Keep displays tidy and well-stocked, as a well-maintained display can be a deciding factor in purchase decisions.

Brand Reinforcement: Enhance product recognition and strengthen your brand image with branded signage or graphics on the Power Wing/Sidekick displays.

Applied Merchandising Concepts’ Power Wing/Sidekick displays present an innovative way to optimize product visibility, make efficient use of retail space, and potentially drive sales.

Explore these dynamic display solutions and take your retail performance to the next level.