About AMC

At Applied Merchandising Concepts (AMC), we’re not just a service provider; we’re a partner in your brand’s journey.

As the pioneering creator and integrator of shopper technology and merchandising solutions, we’ve mastered the art of crafting impactful brand experiences right at the point-of-sale.

Our Promise

With a keen understanding of both consumer product companies and retailers, we dive deep into creating experiences that resonate. Whether it’s a nuanced concept design or the meticulous final stages of manufacturing, our capabilities encompass every step, ensuring an unmatched finesse to each project.

Our in-house model shop and value-added engineering practices are our pride, tailored to ensure maximum value for our clients’ investments. But we don’t stop there. We ensure that every product, every solution, and every strategy is supported by end-to-end services, from logistics and warehousing to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), in-store setup, and post-store audits.

Experience Our Success

Our commitment to excellence is not just a promise; it’s a reality showcased in our case studies.

Nicorette Smoking Cessation Tower

Nicorette Smoking Cessation Tower Dive into our success stories, such as the “Nicorette Smoking Cessation Tower”, a testament to our collaboration with a pharmaceutical giant, illuminating the transformative power of our merchandising solutions in driving sales and enhancing product visibility. When GSK’s Nicorette sales lagged in grocer stores, they enlisted Applied Merchandising Concepts (AMC).

AMC innovatively designed the Nicorette Smoking Cessation Tower, combining security with accessibility. This strategy, combined with effective in-store implementation, resulted in a remarkable 101% sales boost in equipped stores. This case exemplifies AMC’s prowess in optimizing product visibility and sales through intelligent merchandising.

WalMart Baby Bottle Merchandiser

WalMart Baby Bottle Merchandise Similarly, our partnership with Walmart in the “WalMart Baby Bottle Merchandiser” case study reaffirms our proficiency in optimizing product displays to amplify sales and elevate customer satisfaction. This unique display was strategically designed to capture the attention of new parents from a distance, with the prominent nipple header being unmistakably visible as shoppers approached the baby section.

Beyond mere attraction, the large vertical panel graphics illuminated essential nutritional facts, allowing parents to make a direct comparison with pricier national brands. Additionally, the display thoughtfully incorporated take-home literature, reinforcing parents’ confidence in the quality and value of the Private label baby formula.



Our Flagship Products:

  • Acrylic Lock Boxes: Durable and transparent solutions for premium product showcasing.
  • Aisle Violators & Shelf Blades: Command attention and guide shoppers towards must-have products.
  • Candy Racks: Specially designed displays that sweeten every customer’s shopping journey.
  • Case Studies: Evidence of our proficiency and innovation in crafting retail experiences.
  • Category Management: Streamline product placements and optimize in-store navigation.
  • CBD Display Solutions: Tailored displays for the booming CBD market, ensuring product integrity and appeal.
  • Convenience & Gas: Merchandising tools dedicated to the fast-paced convenience and gas station sectors.
  • Corrugated Solutions: Flexible, sustainable, and impactful displays for diverse product ranges.
  • Counter Units: Maximize your point-of-sale impact with strategically placed counter displays.
  • Dump Bin: Efficient and attractive solutions for bulk items or promotional products.
  • Floor/Endcap Display Racks: Utilize premium floor space to its maximum potential with our innovative designs.
  • Gondola Shelving Equipment for Retail: Optimized shelving solutions that adapt to your products and space requirements.
  • LED Lighting: Enhance the ambiance and highlight key products with energy-efficient LED solutions.
  • Lock Boxes: Ensure high-value items are securely displayed while maintaining product visibility.

At AMC, every product is a culmination of innovation, quality, and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs.

Whether you’re a global brand or an emerging local business, our solutions are tailored to project your products into the spotlight.

Let’s Elevate Your Brand

Every brand has a story, and at AMC, we’re passionate about making it resonate. Discover the transformative power of our strategies and let’s co-create the next big success story.

Choose AMC and ensure your brand stands out, every time.