Case Study: Nicorette Smoking Cessation Tower

AMC — NRT Smoking Cessation Tower Case Study 10-2021

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With the sales of GSK’s Nicorette smoking cessation products facing challenges in major national food grocer retail stores, a collaboration was forged with Applied Merchandising Concepts (AMC). The challenge was clear: to not only provide consumers with relevant information but also to offer immediate access to the product. Furthermore, the design had to incorporate self-service for trial and lower-cost items while ensuring durability in the demanding retail environment.

AMC rose to the occasion by designing and producing the Nicorette Smoking Cessation Tower. This Permanent Security Tower featured a locking door for the bottom five shelves, while the top three shelves remained exposed, allowing 24/7 customer access to trial-sized products. Additionally, clear security door options, consumer brochure holders, changeable graphics, and theft deterrents were thoughtfully integrated.

But the innovation didn’t stop at design. The units were shipped fully assembled with shelves strategically placed per the planogram, ready for in-store merchandising. In collaboration with Retail Merchandising Solutions (RMSI) and SAS Retail Services, an effective in-store implementation plan was set in motion.


The results were nothing short of transformative. Data collected over 11 months showcased the Tower’s undeniable impact. Stores equipped with the tower witnessed a staggering 101% increase in Dollar Sales and a 103% surge in Unit Sales. In contrast, stores without the tower saw a decline in sales by 23% and 29% respectively. This success story epitomizes AMC’s unparalleled expertise in crafting merchandising solutions that drive sales and enhance product visibility.



Applied Merchandising offers a wide variety of custom cage towers products to meet all your merchandising needs.

We spesialize in developing cutom solutions for retail, mostly out focus is on custom racks for one type or one brand product.

Thus we can make a special Tower Rack with Lock and acryl displays for Nicorette products(gum, patch, sparay, etc.)

Our Nicorette tower can be placed in any retail place as additional source of sales.

It takes up little space and at the same time is an effective sales unit, since a lot of goods can be placed, the shelf life is long, and no additional investment is required for storage. This makes our tower extremely profitable.