Retail Counters

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Premium Retail Counters for Modern Stores

Every retail space tells a story, and the counters you choose set the stage. At Applied Merchandising, we believe in offering more than just retail counters – we offer a transformative shopping experience. With our diverse collection, from candy racks to bakery shelves and acrylic boxes, we provide everything you need to curate the perfect space for your business.

Why Choose Our Retail Counters?

Versatile Selection: Whether you own a bustling city boutique, a serene countryside pharmacy, or a busy gas station, our retail counters are tailor-made to fit any business setting.

Innovative Design: We incorporate functionality with style. Our retail counters come with easy-to-access storage compartments, contemporary designs, and durable materials to withstand heavy usage.

Showcase Merchandise Effortlessly: With transparent shelving options and spacious layouts, our counters allow you to display and sell your products seamlessly.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Candy Racks: Add a touch of sweetness to your store.
Snack Racks: Perfect for those on-the-go munchies.
Bakery Shelves: Display your fresh bakes in all their glory.
Acrylic Boxes: Contemporary and stylish solutions for diverse storage.

Your Retail Space Deserves the Best!

While other stores may offer generic solutions, at Applied Merchandising, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we cater to all – from retail shops and pharmacies to gas stations and beyond. Our commitment is to offer products that don’t just fit into your space but elevate it.

Competitive Advantage

What sets us apart from competitors like Etsy, Amazon, and other great one?

Our dedicated focus on quality, customization, and unmatched customer service. Dive into our array of retail counters and find the one that resonates with your brand and vision.

Endless Possibilities Await!
Dreaming of revamping your store or setting up a new one? Let our retail counters be the cornerstone of your business transformation. Explore our range, and let’s shape your retail dreams together. Check our tips for retail counters for you.

1. The Importance of Retail Design:

  • First Impressions Matter: The layout and design of your store can shape a customer’s perception within the first few seconds. A stylish and functional retail counter not only helps manage transactions but also leaves a lasting impression.
  • Flow and Functionality: An effective retail design guides your customers throughout the store, making their shopping experience smooth. Place your best-sellers or promotional items near the counter to increase impulse buys.

2. Maximizing ROI with the Right Counter:

  • Enhance Product Visibility: Transparent shelving or counters with glass panels can spotlight high-value items, tempting customers to make a purchase as they check out.
  • Space Management: In retail, every inch counts. Retail counters with built-in storage can help in utilizing space more effectively, giving you more room to showcase products.

3. Tips for Selecting the Perfect Retail Counter:

  • Match Your Brand: Choose a counter that aligns with your brand’s colors, style, and ethos. A rustic wooden counter might be perfect for a boutique, while a sleek, modern design might suit a tech store.
  • Function Over Form: While design is crucial, functionality is paramount. Ensure the counter has adequate space for cash registers, POS systems, and other necessary tools.

4. Care and Maintenance:

  • Cleaning Tips: Given the current health concerns, maintaining a clean counter is crucial. Offer tips on how to clean different materials without causing damage.
  • Longevity: Share advice on prolonging the counter’s life, like avoiding water stagnation on wooden surfaces or using gentle cleaners on acrylic.

5. Testimonials and Case Studies:

  • Success Stories: Showcase a few client testimonials or case studies. Real-life examples of how your retail counters transformed a business can be incredibly compelling.

6. Interactive Features:

  • Virtual Counter Showcase: Use AR (Augmented Reality) or a simple 3D viewer to let users see how a counter would look in a real-world setting.
  • Customization Tool: Offer an online tool where visitors can customize the counter in terms of size, color, and material to visualize their ideal product.

7. Industry Insights:

  • Retail Trends: Share insights on upcoming trends in retail design and how businesses can leverage them.
  • Sustainability: If your counters are made with eco-friendly materials or practices, highlight this aspect. Many businesses are looking to make greener choices.