Lock Boxes

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Understanding Lock Boxes for Retail

Our lock boxes provide an ideal combination of security and visibility. They are designed to protect high-value products from theft while ensuring they are still visually appealing and accessible for customer inspection.


Increased Security: Our lock boxes provide excellent security for high-value or sensitive items, reducing shrinkage and loss due to theft.

Product Visibility: Made from high-quality acrylic and transparent materials, our lock boxes offer excellent product visibility, crucial for customer engagement and sales.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of products, from cosmetics to CBD products, our lock boxes adapt to various retail environments.

Durability: Our lock boxes are built from robust materials, ensuring long-term use and reliability.

Tips for Using Lock Boxes:

Placement: Position lock boxes in high-traffic areas to attract customers while maintaining surveillance.

Product Selection: Utilize lock boxes for high-value, sensitive, or age-restricted items that need additional security.

Organization: Keep the inside of the lock boxes neat and organized. A well-presented product can influence purchase decisions.

Access: Ensure that staff can easily access the boxes to assist customers when necessary.

With Applied Merchandising Concepts’ lock boxes, you can ensure product security without compromising on product visibility or sales potential. Discover our diverse range of lock boxes and fortify your retail environment today while boosting your business growth. Secure your sales success with us!