Gondola Shelving Equipment for Retail

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What is gondola retail shelving equipment?

Gondola shelves are special retail racks that can accommodate any and all products sold in stores. 

No matter what kind of display shelving requirements you have, it is ideal for all types of retail stores. For example, Gondola shelves can be used for showing snacks, candies, chips, household chemicals, small household appliances like microwaves, folded clothes and any other retail shop type products.

The main idea of the gondola is to demonstrate the product and allow the buyer to take it on their own.

Retail gondola shelving displays and supports merchandise. Gondola shelving is retail or store shelving. It can be used to make supermarket aisles or small point-of-purchase displays. 

Where do I use gondola retail shelving equipment?

Retail gondolas are ubiquitous in so many places. Such places can be grocery stores, supermarkets, electronics stores, clothing stores, gas stations, pharmacies, specialty stores for vitamins, sports equipment stores, children’s toys, and so on.

What kind of retail gondola does AMC make?

We research the best ways to display everything from clothing to food, liquor, and home goods. Every store is unique, as are the products displayed on our retail racking systems. 

We made our gondola shelves so that they could show off a wide range of products in many different stores. 

Our retail solutions are meant to get more people interested in your products and show them off as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

AMC makes shelf gondolas of various types and uses modern retail shelving designs.

The most popular are free-standing gondolas that can accommodate serial goods.

We also produce special gondolas that can be assembled into long walls from shelving, which is well suited when zoning needs to be done in the store.

Our retail gondolas can stand alone on the floor, be wall mounted, or be placed on prefabricated shelving. 

AMC also makes unique stand-alone shelving towers that can be fully customized. On such shelving, you can change the distance between the heights of the shelves. In addition, you can change the design of the shelving itself, advertising on the side panels, the top and bottom of the panels, and also the back wall of the shelving.

We also have standard wire gondolas. Again, they can be black or white.

Our gondolas can be 2, 3, 4, or 5 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide.

AMC Accessories for Gondola Retail Shelving 

Our displays & fixtures  gondolas can be completed with unique accessories.

AMC produces unique dividers for goods, additional shelves for sale, toppers on which you can sign the type of goods, special advertising flags that can be seen from the side, etc. To help promote and sell product.

LED lighting for gondolas

Our gondolas can be equipped with additional LED lighting. Also, we have made a special LED for Gondola. It illuminates the goods well, does not blind the eyes, and the wires are not visible since the LED backlight is hidden. This is an excellent solution for 24-hour stores.  Different kits available to fit store needs.

Our lighting can also be used on stock gondola shelving by using the Under Shelf magnetic Kit.

The pre-attached magnets quickly attach to shelf underside and light up your products.

We have extensive experience in the production of devices for retail. AMC makes a lot of ready-made retail shelving, but if you have a unique idea for your own rack, you can get in touch with us, and we will make it happen.