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Soar to new heights of retail display excellence with our wide array of Towers at Applied Merchandising Concepts.

From our Four Sided Permanent Tower to the Permanent Mini Tower 2 Sided and the Partial Locking Door Security Tower, we provide effective solutions to meet your diverse retail needs.

Understanding Our Tower Solutions


Our tower solutions offer an efficient way to showcase a large number of products without occupying a large footprint.

These high-visibility displays provide easy access for customers while enhancing your store’s aesthetics and product organization.

Why Choose Our Tower Solutions?


Space Efficiency: Towers make use of vertical space, allowing for a larger product display in a smaller footprint.

Product Visibility: The multi-sided design of our towers offers maximum visibility, boosting customer engagement.

Versatility: Our tower range caters to various retail needs, from general display to secure showcase for high-value items.

Durability: Constructed from robust materials, our towers are designed for longevity and can withstand busy retail environments.

Effective Usage of Tower Solutions:


Product Placement: Arrange products logically, keeping high-demand items at eye level and related items close by.

Restocking: Keep your towers well-stocked and organized to maintain an appealing and professional appearance.

Location: Place towers strategically in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility and product interaction.

Signage: Use clear and attractive signage to guide customers and highlight product information or promotions.

With Applied Merchandising Concepts’ Tower Solutions, you can transform your retail space into a product showcase that is efficient, attractive, and sales-driven. Discover our range of tower solutions today and scale new heights of retail success.