Wire Countertop Racks and Displays

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Why do you need a countertop wire rack display?

Impulse sales.  Increase profits.  Grab and go items.  

Wire racks for counter cash registers and other places where you can put small shelves on top are needed to increase impulsive sales. Countertop display racks are meant to get your customers’ attention so you can show them treats and other items they can quickly grab and take with them.

Counter units can be affixed or be placed on or around the counter where the customer is about to pay.  

An impulsive purchase occurs when a person is already set up to make regular purchases and, while in line, comes across other products that may attract his attention but which he is not going to buy.

The whole trick is based on the fact that a person implicitly (that is, without realizing it) weighs the action so that the pleasure of making a purchase is greater than the pain.

Marketers have known about these things for a long time and make packaging for products that are bought in this way. 

Our shelves are ideally made to hold such items. They are easy to refill, easy to take, and easy to see.

What benefits of a countertop wire display?

On countertop metal racks and displays, it is convenient to place items that are small in size and weight, goods that do not require much effort to take, for example, chewing gum or chocolate bars. The main concept is that the buyer quickly and without hesitation grabs whatever is in front of him while waiting in line. You can call them impulse displays as well because countertop fixtures drive impulsive buying. 

Using this experience, which is based entirely on scientific research and behavioral economics, you can increase the number of sales in your store.

Wire shelves at the checkout are suitable for various goods such as snack bars, chocolate chewing gum, small energy cans, protein bars, lighters, and so on.

How and where to use a countertop wire rack display?

These countertop fixtures can be used in grocery stores, supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies, and even clothing stores.

Special wire racks for cash registers are made for clothing stores.

Clothing stores also have additional goods that a person can spontaneously buy. The simplest example is costume jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

The wire rack is equipped with special pins and hooks on which you can hang such goods. The logic of the purchase changes a little since here the seller himself has to offer the goods, but all other points, such as willingness to buy, and attracting attention, are met, so this is a great way to increase sales in clothing stores.

There are similar wire racks for cash registers for gas stations.

For example, there are special racks that will contain scents for cars, key chains with suction cups, and other items that will interest people at the gas station and that you can spontaneously buy without much thinking about the price or the need for this purchase.