Product Glorifier

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Highlight your products like never before with our comprehensive collection of Product Glorifiers at Applied Merchandising Concepts.

Our range includes Acrylic Shelf Extenders, Six Bottle Counter Caddies, Overhead Valance Lighting, and specialty racks and bins such as the Venom Beverage Rack and Sour Patch Kid Dump Bin.

Understanding Product Glorifiers


Product Glorifiers are display tools designed to draw attention and showcase your products in an engaging manner.

Whether it’s lighting that illuminates your products, a bin that highlights a special promotion, or an extender that makes efficient use of shelf space, we offer unique solutions that cater to your display needs.

Why Choose Our Product Glorifiers:

Customer Attraction: Our product glorifiers are designed to catch the customer’s eye, increasing engagement with your products.

Sales Boost: By drawing attention to specific products, our glorifiers can stimulate impulse purchases and increase sales.

Efficient Space Utilization: Products like our Acrylic Shelf Extender make the most of your available retail space.

Versatility: From lighting to racks to bins, our range of product glorifiers offers a solution for every retail scenario.

Tips for Effective Use of Product Glorifiers:

Strategic Placement: Position your product glorifiers in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility.

Lighting: Utilize lighting to highlight products and create a captivating retail atmosphere.

Product Selection: Use product glorifiers for new arrivals, high-margin items, or special promotions to maximize impact.

Maintenance: Ensure your product glorifiers are clean, well-maintained, and well-stocked to present an appealing image.

With Applied Merchandising Concepts’ Product Glorifiers, you can take your product display and presentation to the next level, enhancing customer interest and driving sales growth.