Proprietary Offerings Clip Strips

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Transform Your Retail Space with Our Versatile and Effective Clip Strips

Revolutionize your product displays with our Proprietary Offerings Clip Strips at Applied Merchandising Concepts. Our selection includes specialized solutions like the Hershey’s Strip, Six, and the patented Fold Flat Design for versatile placement.

Understanding Proprietary Offerings Clip Strips


Clip strips are an innovative way to showcase your products in high-traffic areas, making efficient use of vertical retail space. Whether it’s for candy, cosmetics, or other small items, our clip strips offer a versatile and space-saving display solution.

Why Opt for Our Clip Strips?


Visibility Boost: Our clip strips place your products in sightlines, drawing customer attention and boosting product visibility.

Sales Enhancement: By making products more visible and accessible, our clip strips can increase impulse purchases and boost sales.

Space Efficiency: Clip strips make excellent use of vertical space, ideal for stores with limited shelf space.

Versatility: Our clip strips are designed for a variety of products and settings, providing a flexible solution for your retail needs.

Tips for Effective Use of Clip Strips:


Strategic Positioning: Locate your clip strips in high-traffic areas or near the point of purchase to maximize exposure.

Product Choice: Use clip strips to highlight new arrivals, promotional items, or complementary products to main purchases.

Maintenance: Keep your clip strips well-stocked and neatly arranged to maintain an appealing display.

Pairing Products: Clip strips can be used to suggest product pairings, encouraging additional purchases.

Discover the potential of Applied Merchandising Concepts’ Proprietary Offerings Clip Strips and revolutionize the way you display your products.

Elevate your retail strategy today and experience the sales growth you deserve.