Security Displays

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Discover Optimal Retail Security Solutions for High-Value Products

Secure your high-value retail products with our robust Security Displays at Applied Merchandising Concepts. Our range includes versatile solutions such as Acrylic 24″ Lock Boxes, Security Cages, and Full Locking-Door Security Towers, offering peace of mind while maintaining product visibility.

Decoding Security Displays:

Our Security Displays are designed to protect high-value items from theft, providing excellent security without sacrificing product visibility or accessibility. Ideal for electronic devices, expensive cosmetics, premium beverages, and more, these displays serve a dual function of security and sales promotion.

Benefits of Our Security Displays:

Security Assurance: Our displays offer secure storage for high-value items, helping reduce shrinkage and loss due to theft.

Sales Drive: Even while secure, products remain visible and attractive to customers, driving sales of high-value items.

Versatility: With a range of secure display options, you can choose the one that best suits your product type and retail environment.

Durability: Built from sturdy materials, our Security Displays offer long-lasting security solutions.

Effective Usage of Security Displays:

Strategic Location: Position Security Displays in high-visibility areas to deter theft while attracting customers.

Product Selection: Use Security Displays for high-value or theft-prone items that need additional security.

Maintenance: Ensure displays are clean and well-lit, showcasing the security of products and their availability.

Accessibility: While security is crucial, make sure staff can access the locked items quickly when customers show interest.

Applied Merchandising Concepts’ Security Displays provide the perfect blend of product security and visibility, promoting customer trust and sales.