LED Lighting: Candy Rack Lighting Kit


8 LED light strips with connectors

Universal to both 3ft and 4ft racks

Shipping cost:
1 box $22
2 boxes $35
3 boxes $45
4 boxes $55
5 boxes $60



Welcome to Applied Merchandising’s LED Lighting Kit for Candy Racks page! Our LED lighting kit is perfect for retailers looking to enhance the presentation of their candy products and create a more inviting shopping experience for customers.

Our LED lighting kit is designed specifically for candy racks, providing a bright and even light that highlights your candy products and makes them more appealing to customers. The kit is easy to install and can be attached to most candy racks. It features energy-efficient LED lights that last longer than traditional lighting options, saving you money on energy costs and maintenance.

Our LED lighting kit is customizable, allowing you to adjust the brightness and color temperature to create the perfect lighting for your store. You can choose from warm white, cool white, or a combination of both to achieve the desired effect.

Additional information

Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 6 × 2 in

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