Vacform Shelf Organizers-Anti-Slip

Holds 8 Counts of a Bagged Product!

Organize Shelves! Fast, Easy Set Up!

Products Won’t Fall Easily! Minimize Spills!

Clear Material Keeps Product Fully Visible!

Available in 3 Styles!

Shipping: Call or email ship to address for shipping rate


This product is a great way to organize a cluttered shelf, giving it a neat and tidy look in a matter of minutes.
The Vacform Shelf Organizers Anti-Slip feature a unique design that is both functional and stylish.

They securely attach to any shelf and even have an anti-slip grip to prevent items from slipping off.
The shelves are constructed of durable and lightweight plastic and can be easily cut to size.

This product is ideal for keeping items organized in any room of the house, such as the pantry, garage, closet, or storage room. T
hey are also great for offices, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. The selection of color options makes it easy to match with any existing decor.
With the Vacform Shelf Organizers Anti-Slip, it has never been easier to make sure that items are organized and stay in place.